Considering Renting an office? Ask yourself these questions.

Considering Renting an office? Ask yourself these questions.

1.       Where do you want to be?   What is ground zero, the perfect spot?  And how far north, south, east and west would you be willing to go from that spot?

2.       With 5 employees, is 1,000 SF the right amount of space?  5 people per 1,000 feet is a good rule of thumb, but if you have special storage needs or big servers, that could push you into a bigger footprint.

3.       How much parking do you need?  Is 5 employees it or do you need space for visitors?

4.       How important is visibility?  Do you need to have building signage?

5.       What does the space feel like?  Creative office or traditional?  Are we looking for a space that can be converted with some character or are you looking for a very professional space?  How nice are the finishes?

6.       Is there anything you need to be near?  Other businesses perhaps (for instance appraisers and real estate people like to be near each other and lawyers like being near a courthouse), or near restaurants and bars, or near a highway?  Is access to other parts of the city important?

7.       Lastly, how much do you want to pay per month?  Does your budget include utilities (gas and electrical)?  What about phone and internet?  How long of a lease do you want to sign?  Many landlords leasing space of this size treat it as an apartment and run credit checks and have the tenants sign personal guarantees.  Are you comfortable with that?

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