How much rent can I charge for my 2 bedroom condo?

This is a very simple question that we hear variations of all of the time through our property management department.   This question is a clear display of how important the old saying “location, location, location”  really is.  We have represented landlords to find tenants on 2 bedroom units from $450.00 a month, all the way up to $7500.00 a month.  The crazy thing is these units were within only a few miles of each other.   Although other factors of course come into effect, like property condition and amenities, items like this seem to typically also be a factor of location.   Our leasing and property management department maintains databases of information on the rental history of buildings and areas all around Saint Louis city and surrounding counties.  For an expert opinion on the market value of your rental units, call your local Hermann London office today.

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