First Time Home Buyers

Saint Louis first time home buyers greatly appreciate two things from their Realtor: education and patience. When purchasing a property for the first time typically the home buyer will be challenged with “I don’t know what I don’t know” which then can evolve into the next phase of “at least now I know what I don’t know.”

A part of the overall process of being a first time home buyer in Saint Louis Missouri is having many questions dealing with all kinds of potential issues. We can assist you with that. Our Hermann London agents are continually participating in training on how to effectively educate our clients to be well informed. Our Saint Louis Realtors work hard at being at the top of their real estate game in order to be prepared to personally assist the first time home buyers making informed decisions. Our Realtors work for you which means our priority is to represent you by being the go to contact between you and any parties involved with the inspections, appraisals, or title and insurance matters. Our Realtors represent are here to represent you in situations that require issue resolution.

There are a number of special programs for the Saint Louis first time home buyers to consider such as bid preferences on government owned homes, tax credits, and the current financing options. Purchasing a home is typically your largest purchase and the process can be quite involved, stressful and cumbersome. It is to your benefit to have an experienced, seasoned, and patient real estate professional to work with you and to guide you through the process of buying a home in Saint Louis.

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