Impressing Your Buyers, On a Budget

Impressing Your Buyers, On a Budget

So you want to sell your house, but you want to save some money too? That’s not a problem. If you want to stick to a budget when updating your home for any potential buyers, pick from the range you want to stick to.


  • $20: To freshen up the cabinets, replace cabinet knobs.
  • $50: Ditch the dingy faucet on the sink for a sparkling new one.
  • $100: Install multiple under-cabinet lights, to keep the kitchen looking bright.
  • $1000: Replace your old white refrigerator with a new Stainless Steel fridge.


  • $20: Buy all new white hand towels to keep the bathroom looking clean.
  • $50: Swap out your old toilet seat cover with a new one.
  • $100: Get rid of the old lighting above the sink, and install a more appropriate fixture.
  • $1000: Modernize your wall tile behind the sink with a new, easy to mount tile (some labor may be included).


  • $20: Mount plastic storage shelving along the walls to display storage areas.
  • $50: Paint areas that need touching up along basement stairs.
  • $100: Put up faux wood blinds in basement or garage windows.
  • $1000: Install multi-purpose flooring throughout the unfinished basement, or garage area.


  • $20: Spruce up your yard with plants.
  • $50: Light up your garden with a few solar LED lights.
  • $100: Complete your patio look with an indoor/outdoor rug.
  • $1000: Place an outdoor shed in your yard, fill with yard tools and misc. items to de-clutter your garage, and backyard.

Sticking to a budget isn’t too bad when selling your home. With some work here and there, and a few replacements, your home will sell in no time.

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