Is Having a Pet Policy Beneficial?

Is Having a Pet Policy Beneficial?

Why is it so hard to find a pet friendly rental property, is it because of the associated risks, the smell and the hair, or the additional property damage they may cause? What about the population who enjoy the companionship and the love they receive from having a pet? To many, a pet is not just an animal, but they are a family member. As a landlord, it can be highly beneficial to enforce a strict pet policy!

Since majority of landlord are not willing to accept pets, this instantly increases the chance of a tenant choosing your rental property over one that does not allow animals. People constantly call daily about potential apartments and are immediately denied once a landlord discover they have a pet. It become very frustrating, so once an individual learns that a rental property accepts animals, they will willingly pay a higher rent.

Not only has it been proven that pet owners tend to be more responsible, but they also stay with you for longer periods of time due to the fact that it is hard to find rentals that allow pets. This reduces turnover rates and keeps your tenants satisfied. You can maintain your properties and reduce additional risks associated with pets by including a “pet agreement” as part of your leasing contract.

A list of terms and policies should be included in the “pet agreements” which include; types of pets allowed, “dangerous” breeds, weight limits, and only allowing tenant’s pets in apartments. Require that ALL tenants sign the pet agreement, even those who chose to not have a pet. That way if they eventually decide they want one ,they are already familiar with the rules and what is to be expected.

Lastly, it is very important to install a mandatory pet deposit for those who choose to have pets. It should be a certain non-refundable monetary amount that you feel is appropriate. Accidents do occur and in the event of one you will have money readily available to make any necessary repairs on the tenants expense.

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