Hermann London Newsletters

Thinking about selling or buying a home and don’t know where to start? The Hermann London Group sends out monthly eNewsletters to remind our customers and potential clients what efforts we are making to ensure satisfactory service is being provided to the sellers and buyers of the St. Louis area. Selling or looking to buy a house can be a very stressful time in someone’s life, and these subtle monthly reminders let our customers know that the Hermann London Group is here whenever they need assistance with their St. Louis Real Estate needs. As a real estate agent, this is a wonderful and useful tool to have to inform friends, family, and potential clients about what you are doing to improve and expand the St. Louis Real Estate Market.

In our newsletters, we provide links to articles posted on our Hermann London Blog where readers can comment and participate in the discussions concerning real estate today, and several other topics. Also included in the newsletters are fun articles about the various events the Hermann London Group sponsors and information on how to get involved in these fundraisers. If you want to know what attractions and great restaurants are in the St. Louis Area, be sure to check out the “Community Spotlight” section of the newsletter to learn more about the neighborhoods of this historic and dynamic city.

The responses Hermann London has gotten from the newsletters are outstanding; we are able to see what links readers are most frequently going to and what articles/stories they are interested in, enabling us to provide our customers with the information that suits them best.

At the Hermann London Real Estate Group, we pride ourselves on being unique from other area real estate agencies, and our eNewsletters are a way to show our customers just how we accomplish that.

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