Realtor Company Background

So, Who is Hermann London, Anyway?

Is he the founder? Is he the broker? He must be an important guy with such a fancy sounding name.

Actually, the real story is that Hermann, MO is the town where founder Adam Kruse’s father is from. His mother’s hometown is New London, MO. When Adam first started Hermann London, it was just Adam and no one else – all alone in an office with his laptop, a cell phone and a dream of creating something bigger than himself… something that was large and well established from day one.

He knew that as a one-man operation, naming it something like Kruse & Partners or Kruse & Associates would pretty much imply that there were no partners and no associates. And he definitely didn’t want a cute boutique name like Upstream Realty, Helter Shelter or Big Dog Real Estate. Building strong brands requires great creativity, but it’s a serious business, after all.

So, Adam needed a company name that sounded big. Striking. A name that said the company was something more than just one guy running around town selling houses. Fortunately, his parents gave him town names that went together to sound corporate, professional, and established. He liked the way the two names sounded together. It goes without saying that his parent’s were thrilled with the idea.

That’s how we came to be known as Hermann London.

Today, the company is much more than one guy and his laptop. It’s a team of smart and creative real estate professionals committed to doing great work for their clients and having fun along the way.

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