Rhinoceros Success

Many people are constantly on the hunt for the next best motivational book. In order to keep motivated, people look to “professionals” to give them insight into how to become successful. They want to know that the hard work that they are doing will pay off. Many of these books can get very long and drawn out. They talk about a deeper meaning of life and where to find your motivation.

Recently, I read a book very different from these. It is called Rhinoceros Success and it is one of the best books I have ever read for a salesperson. It is a very quick read and you may even feel like you are reading a children’s book but it gets the point across very well. Being in sales doesn’t take some magic formula or a secret to success. The best quality of the best salespeople is determination. This book discusses that quality in detail based on the traits of a rhinoceros.

Without giving away the whole book, here are a couple of the traits that struck me the most. One, a rhinoceros has thick skin. This trait is imperative for salespeople because you have to be willing to accept the word no and realize that it makes you one step closer to a yes. There are defined numbers in sales that you can measure your performance with. You can always try a new technique if one doesn’t work out the way that you expected it to. No matter what you do, the best thing to do is continue on. You will find a method that works for you if you give it enough time and hard work. The second trait that I remember from the book is continuing on at a fast pace. They compared a rhinoceros to a cow, who like to just lie in the field and soak everything in. Cows are important in the world however, they are not meant for sales. In the rhinoceros world, a cow provides a nice landscape while running through the pasture, picking up advice and new ideas along the way.

These may sound a little cheesy; however, I think that you will realize quickly that this book can provide valuable motivation. This is great when you are feeling empowered and also when you need a little extra push on a rough day. I would highly recommend this book to anyone that is looking to be successful in any sales but especially in Real Estate sales.

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