St. Louis City Communities

The Arch

View of St. Louis City from the Arch

Laclede’s Landing

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St. Louis City

Whether you’re single or part of a family, a sports fanatic or culture enthusiast, a fitness buff or movie expert, you will love St. Louis. The city has so much to offer. We’re more than the Arch, we’re a community.

The city itself is home to nearly three million people, but there are 79 different neighborhoods to choose from. Each neighborhood has its own culture and vitality that together make St. Louis a diverse and great place to live. For instance, the illustrious Lafayette Square with its gorgeous Victorian houses, or the Hill with its infamous Italian heritage, and the historic Soulard neighborhood which has been celebrated for its 19th century French inspired architecture and farmers markets are all great landmarks in the city of St. Louis.

The city is bordered by the Mississippi River on the east and the Missouri River to the north. Because of the beautiful location, there are 105 parks in the city. The most widely known is also probably the biggest, at 1293 acres. Forest Park is even larger than Central Park in New York, and is home to the Art Museum, the St. Louis Zoo, the Muny, the Science Center, the Boathouse, the World’s Fair Pavilion and the St. Louis Aces tennis team. Another well known park, Tower Grove, is one of the oldest “walking parks” and holds many entertaining events free to the public. The Missouri Botanical Garden is another favorite among locals, due to the stunning flowers and landscapes that reside inside the gates. Plus it’s a leading botanical research center. And let’s not forget the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial on the riverfront, home to the Gateway Arch and several public events during the year. But there are also several smaller parks found amongst the busy streets and neighborhoods, where you’ll find locals gathering for picnics and games of softball.


The Hill

The World’s Fair Pavilion at Forest Park

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Old North St. Louis

St. Louis has also been named one of the best sports towns. The fans here assemble from all over to root on their favorite team. The Rams Edward Jones Dome, the Cardinal’s Busch Stadium and the Blues’ Savvis Center are all located downtown in the heart of St. Louis.
Aside from the amazing sports atmosphere, there’s also lots of cultural and arts venues. St. Louis is home to many museums, including the Saint Louis Art Museum, Contemporary Art Museum, the History Museum and of course the City Museum (a downtown favorite for adults and kids alike). Saint Louis started it all when it comes to blues, and there are several locations commemorating this. The Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra and the Municipal Opera (the Muny) are also two big hits for music lovers.

Plus there two major Universities in the city limits, several world renowned hospitals and many public and private schools that certainly make the grade. The city is also known for mom and pop restaurants. Many locations have been passed through generation to generation of excellent cooks, adding to St. Louis’s rich history. Every block in south city you’ll find someone arguing over who has the better sandwich shop or pizza place. Every time you go to a restaurant on the Hill you’ll be treated like family. And whenever you hit up a bar or grill, you’ll always find a special. No matter where you go, you’ll discover something new and exciting.

The city has a vibrant air that makes you want to get up and go. There’s never a dull moment in the city. Three million people call St. Louis home, so why not you too? Browse the neighborhoods to the left to discover what living in the city is all about.

map of St. Louis City neighborhoods

51 Academy/Sherman Park
74 Baden
22 Benton Park
30 Benton Park West
05 Bevo Mill
04 Boulevard Heights
01 Carondelet
61 Carr Square
38 Central West End
41 Cheltenham
42 Clayton/Tamm
11 Clifton Heights
66 College Hill
62 Columbus Square
26 Compton Heights
77 Covenant Blu/Grand Center
47 DeBaliviere Place
35 Downtown
36 Downtown West
16 Dutchtown South
10 Ellendale
67 Fairground
39 Forest Park Southeast
53 Fountain Park
24 Fox Park
43 Franz Park
31 The Gate District
19 Gravois Park
56 The Greater Ville
78 Hamilton Heights
12 The Hill
44 Hi-Pointe
03 Holly Hills
65 Hyde Park
59 Jeff-Vander-Lou
40 Kings Oak
55 Kingsway East
52 Kingsway West
20 Kosciusko
32 Lafayette Square
34 LaSalle Park
54 Lewis Place
09 Lindenwood Park
18 Marine Villa
71 Mark Twain
70 Mark Twain/I-70 Ind.
23 McKinley Heights
28 McRee Town
37 Midtown
17 Mount Pleasant
64 Near North Riverfront
14 Northampton
73 North Pointe
79 North Riverfront
68 O’Fallon
63 Old North St. Louis
02 Patch
33 Clinton-Peabody/King Louie Square
69 Penrose
06 Princeton Heights
75 Riverview
27 Shaw
46 Skinker/DeBaliviere
21 Soulard
07 Southampton
13 Southwest Garden
08 St. Louis Hills
60 St. Louis Place
29 Tiffany
25 Tower Grove East
15 Tower Grove South
58 Vandeventer
57 The Ville
49 Visitation Park
72 Walnut Park East
76 Walnut Park West
50 Wells/Goodfellow
48 West End
45 Wydown/Skinker

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