St. Louis County Communities

St. Louis County

St. Louis County is located directly west of the city of St. Louis. The county itself has four separate areas: West County, Mid-County, North County and South County. Each differs in landscape and culture.

Several different suburbs have their own downtown, where shopping and dining rein. Kirkwood, Clayton and Webster Groves are known for their downtown areas where you’ll find boutiques and special eateries, like CJ Mugg’s in Clayton. At any time during the day you’ll find people window shopping or taking a break and enjoying the scenery.

The county is home to over one million people, which means there has to be a lot to keep people occupied. From wildlife to shopping, St. Louis County has it all. There are many malls and shopping centers where you’ll find people picking out their next outfit. The Galleria and Plaza Frontenac are two of the counties biggest malls, offering prestigious stores and restaurants.

There are nearly fifty different parks for recreational activities all around the county. Castlewood, Suson, Queeny and many more have trails for biking, hiking and exploring. Plus there are ponds and lakes at several parks for fishing. And each suburb of the county has parks of their own, many of them with rec-plex’s and pools. There is always something to do no matter how old you are.

Several renowned chefs are starting to open up their doors in the county these days. Numerous restaurants in Clayton, the University City and Chesterfield have popped up over the last few years and locals have to come to love their food. And many have put their own twist on regular items. Chill in Clayton offers all natural frozen yogurt that wont leave you with a dent in your wallet. There’s so many places to choose from, you are sure to find one you love.

Education is key in the county. There are twenty-two public school districts to choose from, and there are multiple private schools as well. Plus there are six universities, including part of Washington University.

The county is conveniently located just outside the city. You can experience all the joys of the city, but be able to drive home to a quiet suburban lifestyle when you’re finished. In St. Louis County, you’re sure to find your white-picket-fence dream come true!

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