Tips for Adding Curb Appeal to Rental Properties


Location is an important factor in real estate, but curb appeal is becoming almost as vital because of the increased competition in each market. With so many properties available for rent, owners must take the extra steps to make rental properties stand out. The three keys to improving curb appeal and getting potential tenants in the door are cleanliness, good repair and simple, classic appearance.

Clean is crucial, inside and outside. The first thing potential tenants see is the lawn, so making sure there is no trash littering the property is vital. The buildings are important, too. Depending on the exterior of the structures, a good power washing or a coat of paint may be needed to make them look clean and fresh. Once inside, tenants are going to be looking for sparkling bathrooms, an immaculate kitchen, spotless walls and flooring. In addition, they will take note of little things, like the absence of smudges around doorknobs and switch plates and spot free windows.

Good maintenance is the next thing that will draw renters looking for a new home. Maintenance covers everything from making sure the lawn is manicured to making sure all of the interior and exterior light bulbs are working. Mowing and trimming is obvious, but making sure all of the weeds are pulled and up-shoots of grass in the cracks of the walks and driveway are removed are equally important details. The exterior of the structures have to be well kept. Little things like window and door trim being repaired and repainted and the elimination of peeling paint are important. Windows should be re-caulked and have screens in place for energy efficiency. Everything inside must also be working and in good repair.

Curb appeal is in the details, but those details should not overpower the intrinsic appeal of the property. A touch of color added to the exterior through shutters and matching front door color is good, but keeping those colors traditional is best. The same is true with landscaping. Adding color with flowers contrasted with mulch is important, but ensuring that those flowerbeds are not high maintenance plantings will also help attract tenants. Details should be classic and congruent with the period of the home. Little things can help draw attention without being complicated. For example, replacing the exterior hardware, like doorknobs, lighting fixtures, and mailboxes, is an easy, inexpensive upgrade that does not cause a lot of fuss, but can add a simple attractive flair to the home. Tenants will look for the same kinds of things on the inside, basic colors, classic light fixtures and neutral flooring.

While it is important to make sure a rental property is located in a desirable area, it is also important to add to the curb appeal to make the property more enticing than the others rental properties in the neighborhood. Making sure the entire property, inside and outside, is clean, well maintained and simply classic will keep a property on top of the list for potential tenants.



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