Veteran’s Memorial Park in Lake St. Louis

Veteran’s Memorial Park in Lake St. Louis

As you may bike or hike around the St. Louis area, you might consider including in your stops,the
Veteran’s Memorial Park in Lake Saint Louis. Nestled behind and adjacent to the Lake Saint Louis Civic
Center, also known as City Hall, the memorial park is a peaceful reminder and respectful tribute to the
many veterans who have served our country. What a beautiful spot to not only honor the veterans, but
also, to reflect on a moment of thanks to have the opportunity for ourselves to live in this great country
of the United States of America.

To commemorate and to respectfully remember a particular soldier or group, there is an opportunity
to purchase a commemorative brick in this beautiful park. Order forms are available at the Lake Saint
Louis City Hall, or online at and searching for ‘brick order form’. Also, the Parks
and Recreation Department has more information, 636-625-1200.

The Veteran’s Memorial Park opened in May 2008 and hosts ceremonies of respect and remembrance
each Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day. The final arrangements will be announced soon for Veteran’s
Day 2010, November 11th. But, the public is welcome anytime to stop by reflect in this beautiful tribute
spot in Lake Saint Louis.

Written by Larry Kruse, Realtor

September 29, 2010

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